Last words and tombstone of Evel Knievel

For a man that always made a big deal of what he did in the limelight had some odd last words for all to hear at his funeral.

His lifelong friend and fellow stuntman Gene Sullivan, founder of the “Jump for Jesus” ministry, passed on a simple message that Knievel had asked to be read at his funeral.

“If I offended you,” he said, “I’m sorry. Forgive me.”

The last thing I would have ever thought of Evel and his stunts is that people would be offended by him. While some people did not like his idea of “fun,” it never stretched into anything I saw as offensive. But I also do wonder if his last words were not really meant for us, but for when he passed into the next life?

 Evel will always be remembered as a man that pushed the envelop of many things and his actions shaped generations of people that admired not only his guts but his ability to recover from most anything.

It is odd though to find out that Evel long ago planned his death and even had his tombstone ready in case of his death.

Knievel’s motorcycle-embossed gravestone has been etched since 1974, a brilliant promotional stunt before his infamous Snake River Canyon jump in Montana. While staring at that headstone in his final days, he obviously knew his life was going to get mixed reviews.

Maybe he did it just for the promotion of the jump and decided to keep it or maybe he was just accepting the reality of what could happen. Whatever reason he did it for it must have been an odd feeling that some parts of his life were already etched in stone just waiting for the final date to be added.

Who knows, maybe that tombstone kept him alive in a way because every day he woke up, he knew that the final date had not been reached yet. Maybe it gave him the drive to live life to the fullest and push everyones envelope of reality.

No matter what, Evel’s legacy will continue to shape our culture and be part of all that remember his high flying stunts and attitude.

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