Class lawsuit looming againist City of Grayslake for cancelling biker event

The drama continues to unfold well after the Ironhorse Motorcycle Roundup event was supposed to be over. Last Friday, the city cancelled the permits for the event after recieving information that certain biker clubs were going to show and possibly fight.

Now just days after the event was supposed to happen, the mayor has recieved threats requiring extra protection and now the rumblings of a class action lawsuit are begining.

Ironically the mayor may now be questioning his own decision if the class action moves forward and becomes real. The sponsors of the event, Austin’s Saloon and Eatery lost over $100,000 in costs and a untold amount in revenue had the event happened. Pete Naylor, an attorney with Hupy and Abraham in Gurnee is now representing Austin’s, vendors and radio station that all believe that they lost money because of the city’s decision at the last minute to cancel the event and are exploring filing a class action lawsuit.

Even if the class action goes forward and the money is won by the class action, it is really the bikers and the city that will lose out more so than the businesses. The city will of course lose because they will probally have to pay some amount to cover the losses of the expenses incurred by the Saloon, radio station and the vendors. This will mean that the city will have to figure out a way to re-coup their losses if their insurance does not cover this.

But the bikers themselves that travelled to only find the event cancelled are probally the ones that wil not get any type of reimbursement for their time, gas, food and lodging that they paid for only to find out the event had been cancelled. Plus if the lawsuit does not win, then bikers might be less inclined to try again next year to travel to the Ironhorse as the city may again cancel the event.

Maybe instead of sueing for lost income and expenses, the class action should sue for the right to not be cancelled without advance notice. Or maybe have a way to have some say if similar problems arise again. Even if they just sue for the expenses of event and the right to not be cancelled again, it would be better off for all involved as it would not hurt anyone greatly.

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