$8,000 kit transform Boss Hoss into wheelchair friendly trike

Usually bikers ending up in a wheelchair know that their riding days are over but times are changing. For only $8,000 dollars, Boss Hoss Cycles has designed a kit to transform one of their trikes into a wheelchair accessible version.

This means that those hurt in motorcycle accidents and still want to get back on the open road can now do so in style. While it might not be the same as riding on two wheels it is certainly a good compromise.

Boss Hoss Cycles, manufacturer of America’s ultimate V8 powered cycles, has teamed up with V-8 Performance, Inc., creators of the Hossfly, to produce the Boss Hoss Advantage Trike, the first wheelchair accessible trike that is tailored specifically to the disabled rider. The new Advantage Trikes are scheduled for release in September 2008.

The trike has been designed with a wheelchair lift built into the chassis, which is hidden by the fiberglass truck-style trike body.

All the controls of the trike are hand operable to accommodate individuals that do not have, or have use of, their legs. The Advantage Trike was designed with a simple aftermarket conversion to the Boss Hoss Truck trike, and can be purchased exclusively through local authorized Boss Hoss dealers.

“We want our riders to know that it’s not their disabilities, but their abilities that count,” says Rad Hunsley, president and COO of Boss Hoss. “We have riders with a variety of handicaps that love our trikes. We are now offering those that do not have use of their legs the freedom to ride!”

While you still have to come up with another $44,000 for the trike first, it is certainly a great way to show that a disability has not overcome the biker inside the body. Not to mention it will certainly make you want to get your arms as stong as possible because the Boss Hoss line of trikes are some of the biggest and most powerful trikes on the commerical market.

Boss Hoss calls the conversion “simple” other bikers may just call it amazing and wonderful. So if you know of a disabled biker looking to get back on the road, tell them to check out the new Boss Hoss Advantage Trike.

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  1. [...] $8,000 kit transform Boss Hoss into wheelchair friendly trike : http://www.biker-events.com According to this web page the kit to convert to wheel chair access is $8,000 The basic Truck Trike is $44,000 making the wheel chair trike about $52,000 plus tax and license. My guess is they don't sell many. __________________ The United States of America, founded on the principle that "all men are created equal; with unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness Red & Black C50 [...]

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