About Biker-Events.com

We host calendars for motorcycle events, camp-outs, biker nights and runs across the United States.

About the Owners

We have been riding for almost 20 years on the west coast and are computer tech/website gurus when we are am not riding. We have decided to try our hand at promoting motorcycle events and doing more biker related stuff.
We were also tired of not having a good calendar of all the biker events going on around us and so we have developed a calendar for everyone to use.

Daryl’s working to write a book about how to put on motorcycle events so that we can enjoy runs and events that groups put on as much as possible. We have been to many biker events in the last couple of years and think we have a lot to offer in helping people put on their events. There’s nothing we dislike more than going to an event and having the people running it not know how to run an event. So if we can help them put their event on, it goes smoothly and get to have a lot more fun along with everyone else there.

Our website is designed to give information about biker events, not only where they are happening, but how to put them on. Also we have an extensive collection of pictures from the runs we attended. Our hopes are you take a look at our website and enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed putting it together for you. Daryl likes to take pictures of how the events really are and not those posed pictures you see but actual pictures of events.

Please remember that all you see on this website is the hard work of just two biker enthusiasts! If you like our website please drop us a note and it will be certainly appreciated. This website takes over 30-40 hours a week in effort to maintain, promote and find content for your enjoyment.� We do have regular jobs, pay for all you see out of pocket, so if you like our site, please donate to helps us out.

We am always looking to expand our website and looking for people to write articles and reviews about the events they attend or anything that is to do with motorcycles.

Hope to see you around our website!
Daryl and Joan

Please contact us at hurdd@biker-events.com if you have any questions