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Dennis Gleason is certainly an example of a hard core biker

We all know the type of biker that rides in any weather and almost any condition and Dennis Gleason seems to be a good example. Dennis is such a hardcore biker, putting over 18,000 miles on a newly purchased Harley-Davidson softail, he has already rode while suffering through pneumonia.

13Apr2009 | Daryl Hurd | 0 comments | Continued
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A joke about Honda owners

Since I ride a Honda, I think I can make fun not only at myself but other Honda riders. So here is a joke that was sent from Gary, one of our readers, to me:

27Mar2009 | Daryl Hurd | 0 comments | Continued
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2009 CVO over rated and under powered & Over priced

Dont get all excited over the SE 110 ci-its detuned and about 89 HP with a strong tail wind if your lucky-If you want a real HP RoadGlide buy a 2008 and custom build your 103 ci that will outperform anything that Harley can build for CA!!

15Aug2008 | jcrhd | 0 comments | Continued