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VholdR Introduces ContourHD: The World’s First HD Wearable Camcorder

Press Release: Seattle, WA–April 27, 2009– VholdR, the market leader for shoot and share wearable video cameras, is introducing ContourHD: The World’s First (and lightest) HD Wearable Camcorder. The ideal video camera to shoot and share your active lifestyle, ContourHD combines amazing video quality (choose between crisp High Definition or smooth High Action SD), hands-free [...]

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Get Weather forecasts, radar and imagery while you ride on your Iphone

If you do not have a GPS or XM radio on your motorcycle that gets the weather forecast, if you own an Iphone, you can now enjoy many of the same features for a whole lot less.

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Need a new fairing for your bike? Check out this website

Are you still at a loss to figure out what to get your favorite biker for Christmas? Well maybe you need to get them a brand new fairing? Take a look at this website

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What should you buy your favorite Harley biker?

Harley-Davidson has released their Harley-Davidson gift guide and luckily it does not contain any motorcycles. So you can happily show this to your favorite biker and have them drool over things that cost no more than $500.

26Nov2008 | Daryl Hurd | 0 comments | Continued
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Run 21 DVD just about done

The 2008 ABATE Run21 photo DVD is just about done and you can check out our shopping area to pre-purchase your DVD. So far there are over 5,000 photos and we should have room for even a few bits of video of the wild party this year.

5Aug2008 | Daryl Hurd | 0 comments | Continued
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Class lawsuit looming againist City of Grayslake for cancelling biker event

The drama continues to unfold well after the Ironhorse Motorcycle Roundup event was supposed to be over. Last Friday, the city cancelled the permits for the event after recieving information that certain biker clubs were going to show and possibly fight.

8May2008 | Daryl Hurd | 0 comments | Continued
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Make a lady feel good with more rumble in her seat

Everyone knows the old saying that a Harley is great to ride if you are a lady. The vibrations supposedly making women feel “good” through the rumble in their seat going through certain parts of their body. Some women swear that riding a good rumbling bike is a great way to “enjoy” life.

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Consider this bluetooth setup for 2up riders

So you want to talk to your partner on the back of the bike and you do not want any cabliing going to your helmet? How about something you can take from one bike to another and even possibly chat with another bike rider?

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Buying The Best Motorcycle Helmet

When people decide to purchase a motorcycle, the person should not forget to buy a helmet. This is not only because it is the law but for the safety of the biker and the passengers on board.

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etyBLUâ„¢ Bluetooth Headset

This is a cellphone headset you might want to try out if you are a biker that wants to make or take calls while riding. Supposedly this headset will cancel out background noise and allow even a biker to hear a phone call over the roar of a motorcycle near them.

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