Frequently Asked Questions

These are questions and answers to our most common problems on this website. If this doesn’t help you, feel free to contact us and we will be glad to assist you in any way we can.

Web Calendar questions:

How do I add a event to biker-events.com calendar?

Find the day that you would like to add the event and click on the + sign next to the day.

What is the password?

Just leave the password blank, this will take you to our web submission form. No password is needed.

Do I need to fill out every question on your submit an event page?

These are the required fields:

Full Event Name

Event Short Name

Contact Name

Contact E-mail

Contact Phone Number

What kind of info do you want in the Event Description?

Any info that you think would be needed by someone reading it. Remember to include things like:

Exact location of the event

Starting and Ending time of the event if known

Cost per person or other requirements

Feature attractions

Sponsors or people putting on the event

who it will benefit

contact names and or phone numbers(remember the contact fields are not for the public to see, they are only for biker-events.com to verify the event.)

Brief Description of the event(It can be long but remember people have to read it!)

website information

and anything else you would like to put in it.

Can you add a graphic or picture to the event?

Currently our submission form does not accept pictures. If you would like to add a graphic, please contact us and be sure to include the name of the run or event along with the picture.

What if the event information is wrong?

Please re-submit the event through the forma and in the full and short title be sure to add “CORRECTION” at the end of the title.

How do I search for events in a state?

Click on the 2nd drop down menu and choose your state that you are interested in.

How do I get back to seeing all the states events?

Click on hte 2nd drop down menu and choose “All categories”.

Can I import the calendar to my desktop?

Sorry, but at this time you must use our website for the calendar. The only way to import the events to your desktop is if you have Microsoft Outlook and you choose to import one or all of the events by the Microsoft Outlook button

PHPBB forum questions:

You will need the Macromedia Flash plugin to view the tutorials for the pbpBB answers.

How do I register a user account?
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How do I edit my user profile?

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Creating a new topic?
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Replying to a topic?
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Creating a poll?
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Sending private messages?
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Using the Search function?
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