Submit Biker Event

If you would like to submit your biker event to our online calendar, go to our online form here. When prompted for a password, enter “submit” unless we have assigned you a password.

You will need the following information in order to complete your calendar entry:

1. Full Event Title:
(This is the title they will see when they click on your event)

2. Short Event Title:
(This is what they will see on the monthly calendar view.)

3. Website name with more information:
(Put the web address http://yourwebsite where they can goto for more information if you have a website.)

4. Location of event:
(Include the City and State.)

5. Event Date(s):
(List the dates of the event.)

6. Event Start and Stop times:
(If your event has a start and stop time enter it here.)

7. Event Description:
(As long of a description that you want people to read. You may include html tags and links but remember that they must point to your webserver otherwise they will not work.)

8. Contact Name:
(The main contact name if different than yours.)

9. Contact Email address:
(The main contact email address if different than yours.)

10. Contact Phone Number:
(The main contact phone number.)

remember to use our online form here.

We accept any type of biker event including but not limited to : biker runs, rallies, rides, meetings, biker nights, bike sales, grand openings of biker places etc.

Please do not email us with your event information, our online form is automated and emailing us will only slow down your event being added to our calendar.